Peeps Poke Cake

Celebrate Easter with a fun and fluffy pastel-colored vanilla Peep Poke Cake!  Every bite of this delicious treat will have you hopping with joy!

Key Ingredients:

cake mix - whipped topping  milk - powdered sugar cheesecake instant pudding  food coloring - sprinkles   Peeps marshmallows - M&Ms

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Prepare cake mix in a 9x13 pan and allow to cool. Poke cake every inch with the handle of a wooden spoon.

How to Make Peeps Poke Cake (1/4):

To make the pudding, in a bowl whisk one package of cheesecake instant pudding with 2 cups of milk and then add pink food coloring. Pour it into holes of the cake and smooth it out, then chill for 2-3 hours.

How to Make Peeps Poke Cake (2/4):

To make the frosting, in a bowl beat the remaining cheesecake pudding with powdered sugar, and ¾ cup of milk. Fold in the whipped topping, then add green food coloring and stir again.

How to Make Peeps Poke Cake (3/4):

Frost the cake with the prepared frosting, and decorate with sprinkles, Easter Peeps, and Easter M&M eggs. Slice and serve!

How to Make Peeps Poke Cake (4/4):

Kids will love this Peeps Poke Cake!

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